Lighting design.

Ivan Jones Electrical Services is able to offer a lighting design service to suit most requirements and installations. Whether it be for the garden or the home, a restaurant or bar, factory or kitchen. You can depend on us to provide the most suitable solution to any application.

We believe there are two main purposes for lighting...

The most common purpose for lighting is task lighting, which provides adequate illumination to enable work, security and suitable visibility for the task in hand. This is an everyday form of lighting that surrounds each of us on a daily basis. Although certain lux levels are required for different applications and duties, dependent on the environment and installation. Certain forms of light are better for display than others and the form of light will vary to suite each application, this is a basic form of lighting and is not necessarily installed to make you feel good, but rather to enable you to see what you are doing or display an item clearly so you may be tempted to purchase it. That in mind, it would not be practical to light a shop displaying wedding dresses under the orange sodium effect evident in street lights, so consideration is required.

The second form of lighting is architectural lighting.

We have designed and installed architectural lighting to many installations. From private homes and gardens to public houses, restaurants and bars. We have an excessive knowledge and base our designs on the requirements of each individual installation and budget. The majority of our lighting design resides in the domestic sector and areas of public entertainment, producing solutions that keep the the attention of the visitor comfortable and relaxed whilst focusing on the area you wish them to pay attention. This is an area in which we have found our clients prefer a more personal touch.

"Clearly the effect of the lighting, reflects the mood that you are creating"

We can create a sensation of comfort and desire, while enticing your guests to relax and your clients to spend. Creating a mood while drawing the eye effortlessly towards the desired point of attention. "Experience our experience". Transform moods and sensations, lighten up and give us the opportunity to make lighting not only work for you, but work with you.

Mood lighting has moved far beyond the stereotypical vision left by the sixties and seventies, it puts you in control. From bars to barbecues and weddings to wayward weekends, sitting rooms to saunas. Let us create the mood and program the moment.

"Creating the moment"

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